The retainer is to paid in full before event. We do not hold the day or time unless service is paid if full. Bird Release(s) are no later than 2 1/2 hours before sundown. No bird(s) release in rain, wind exceeding 19mph, No fly at temperature over 83┬░degrees Fahrenheit, foggy or cloudy days or thunder lighting storms, person(s) not moving back 12' or more feet from birds flight path. No birds will be released and no return of retainer on these type of day(s) named above. Must have safe working environment any illegal drug(s), gun(s) person(s) under the influence of alcohol at or around event and if our employ(s) feels unsafe because of this, we will leave at once with no return of retainer. No children or adult(s) or person(s) are to poke, tease, or scare birds in holding create. If we see you scaring, teasing, poking, threatening the birds or us we will release them at once or remove them & leave at once with no return of retainer payment. No touching bird holding create or sitting on it or putting any ideas on the bird create. Wedding event(s) must be paid in full 14 days before wedding date no exceptions. Cash or Credit card only no check(s). No retainer will be returned on over due late wedding or other event payment(s). Customer(s) are charged by the hour if over the hour, customer(s) are fully financially responsible for all overtime charges at event before bird release not after. All client (s) or Customer(s) must agree to pay in cash in full even if it's a minute over the one hour time of event or funeral. Customer(s) over a hour late must pay two hours in late fee time even if it's one minute over. Late fee is round to the next forward hour not nearest hour. If not paid in full before bird release no birds will be released & no return of any retainer that was collected. Parking must be provided and paid for by customer or venue within 100 yards or less of event. If parking is not paid in full by hotel or customer or venue no service will be provided and no return of retainer. If you schedule bird release event service in a specific time and date slot and want to change or cancel the time, day, location you will have to pay full price for a new time slot or day or location with no return of previously paid retainer if you cancel your service with us there will be no return of retainer for any reason before, during or after a event service we provide. If you change your mind before during or after a canceled service request or refuse to pay at event you will have to pay in full even if no birds are released. If you want to reactivate  your dove release service you must pay in full again. If any person(s) or others not limited to costumer(s) family member(s), lawyer(s) make any threat(s) verbal or written or by phone or any type of harassment towards any of our employ(s) this is during, before, or after our service we will stop at once with no return of retainer and criminal & civil charges may be filed in a court of law against all parties responsible. X________ owns all copyrights on all video recording(s) and or photographs taken by their person(s) at any event they film. may use these photo(s) or video recordings on youtube or any other place online or off line as they choose. No royalties or any type of payment or financial payments or fees paid out to any person(s) business or Organization, club, band, or others for being in video recording or photo(s) or both all rights totally belong to events must not be any later than 15 minutes or extra fees will be charged a $1000 U.S. cash dollars time of not after or birds maybe released. is not financially responsible for any type of injury, damage to any property at all at any service we attend or service we provide with any of our bird(s) or equipment or employ(s) this is the full responsibility of costumer(s) and or owner(s) of venue, home, cemetery, business, or yacht . is not financially responsible for anything that happens such as but not limited to property loss or damage at your event or any type injury, copyright infringement from but not limited to a Cemetery, Memorial Park, Funeral Services Company, Funeral Home, Wedding Venue, Hotel, Resort, Golf Course, type business or any event location. X_________  Costumer(s) are fully financially responsible for any and all accident(s) or illness that may occur at venue or yacht, cemetery, memorial park. hotel, house, yard, building, park, resort, before during or after event. Costumer not is fully financially responsible for all attorney(s) fees, court costs in any type of litigation or lawsuit against before during or after a event costumer(s) hired to perform. X________ doesn't send photo(s) taken at event. Mandatory all customer(s) waive all rights to sue in court. Customer(s) responsible for providing insurance. OCdoves will not send DVD disc or sell DVD disc to any person(s) or customer(s) or put recording onto disc. Customer(s) must not themselves or have any other(s) call, text, mail, message us about any change(s) to video link or photo(s) & not limited to are other services we have made or produced or customer(s) may have video link deleted & or have harassment criminal & civil chargers filed on all parties that have threaten or harassed any employ anytime at ocdoves for any reason no exception(s). Customer(s) agrees we have the right to film any event that we have been hired to do even if other person(s) or venue do not agree for what ever reason no exceptions. It's totally the customer(s) responsibility to download video link recording off the internet not Customer(s) is fully responsible for any copyright infringement litigation on video recording not limited to person(s) in video, song or music copyright owner(s), not limited to name(s) logo(s) or sign(s) cemetery name(s) business name(s) funeral service company name(s) or location(s) event venue(s), hotel(s) buildings(s) tombstone(s) name plate(s) sign(s) in recording. No changes by to sound, music, text, photo(s), video recording clip(s) after ruff video link is finished and put online. x___________ doesn't charge for video link recording or music already on it's white dove release service(s). Customer(s) are only charged for bird rentals. The video Youtube link is free with paid bird rental service only restrictions do apply. When we the finish video link there is as is no changes made ever no exceptions. No filming at all at some venues if so this dose not change price paid by customer(s) at all.  You must agree to not file any civil proceedings, lawsuit(s) or court hearing or any other type of civil or criminal claim against or Newport Coast White Dove Release or Employ(s) working in their behalf at all for any reason at anytime ever. Customer(s) is fully responsible for any changes in ruff video link recording after recording the ruff video link copy is made. Customer must type with text letters the name of loved one wanted in video before service has started or name may or may not appear ever. OCdoves is not responsible for any misspelling in video link or but not limited to text or date(s) error(s) no exceptions to this policy. not responsible if person(s) at event stand front of camera or video recorder and block off filming the service, not limited to photographer(s) video service person(s) guest(s) or any other(s) at event or service. If photo(s) or any other information are sent after service is over they will not be used at all in video link film ever. Customer(s) must provide all photo(s) or any information before service no exceptions. Photo(s) of poor quality or we feel poor taste we not be used this is the video link at all. Photo(s) we use the video link are our choice not customer(s) in every case no exceptions. Video link is are from 10 seconds to  a couple of minutes in must events. Customer(s) are not able to request the time length of video link ever no exceptions. If ruff video or photo(s) fail to record due to but not limited to poor lighting, equipment failure or any other reason no return of retainer we be provided. owns all copyrights on video link filmed by and may erase any video link they own at anytime. No sound or music service(s) provided at any event by We only communicate about video link or service in question with the paid customer only. No friend(s) family member(s) or other(s) such as but not limited to lawyer(s) wife(s) husband(s) or any other(s) person(s) on video link or any service(s) we have done in the past or in question. video link service has no guarantee(s) of any type. No video service on rainy day or day(s) that weather is predicted to rain on. No filming on damp or foggy or rainy days(s) even if it's not raining at the time. No filming if our service is already booked for that day. No return of retainer before, after or during event for any reason. Price online is for one handler only for one hour. Extra handler(s) over an hour in time increases price(s). In very limited cases  & if we have the time & if customer wants change(s) such as but not limited to text or add or take out photo(s) in video link a fee for editing video starts at $250 an hour with a hour minimum with no guarantee your be satisfied with completed editing you have paid for. You may buy copyrights starting at $5,000 & up. No filming or photo(s) taken by if we do the bird release service unless we give written consent. X___________

   Customer(s) responsible for all insurance costs and to find out venue(s ) polices on insurance requirements if customer refuses to pay insurance to venue(s) we do not return retainer for any reason and OCdoves will not be able to perform service(s). On funeral  services that you have ordered at any venue you have no longer than 15 minutes  pay once you have arrived. Must be paid  full or pay &1,000 for late fee. If you don't not pay before casket or urn is unloaded  from vehicle the bill such as but not limited to a hearse note a late charge of $1,000 dollar fee & this  will be added extra to the sum that was not paid on time even if the original charge was paid after urn or casket was unloaded. If other companies were ordered at same service it is customer(s) full responsibility to pay us in full by way of cash at funeral or other service before service is started or a $1,000 and the other sum that was owed we be collect by debt collector or other and not limited to criminal & civil  penalties being filed on customer(s) in a court of law. We take any fraud against our company very seriously & will prosecute in a court of law any person(s) who commit these unlawful acts against our company. x___________

  OCdoves only will film when no other dove service(s) are at the same event no exceptions. Customer(s) always pays in full even if customer(s) have more than one dove service at the same event, This is customer(s) responsibility to pay in full to ocdoves In cases of two or more dove release service(s) at the same event at same time. We at ocdoves reserve the right to leave at once. Birds are not always released,  in cases of background filming, none payment, safety issues, and not limited to other factors, even if birds are not released full payment is still binding no matter the situation may entail it is customers full responsibility that our service is paid in full. No return of retainer funds if you hire more than one dove release service at same event. Other services may have sick or diseased bird(s) that could harm our birds, other issues but not limited to insurance violations & other health & safety policy & codes or our service polices. We reserve the right to decide not to film or take photo(s) No guarantee on video link. We reserve the right to choose not to provide any other of our service(s) for any reason we feel that may or may not breach written text above or company policy(s) not limited to all text above. If you do not pay on cash service request at beginning of event service at five minutes or less for your event  you still must pay full price and all other service fees involved such but not limited to bill collector(s) even if no birds are released due to your refusal to pay for service. Must pay cash in full when a hearse or other funeral vehicle first arrives to burial site or extra fees will be added. Any damage(s) to our equipment such as but not limited to our camera(s) video recorder, tripod(s), bird creates,vehicle(s) is the customer(s) full financial responsibility if damage is at a event that have hired us for even if they do not know person(s) who has damaged our equipment such as but not limited to venue worker(s), event vendor(s), funeral director, guest(s), children.  Other customer(s) who only speak & understand languages such as Spanish or Vietnamese but not limited to these languages are not excused from our company policy rules for any reason. Wedding services are prepaid only. All policies apply even if this form is not signed. Each customer is told policies and is told to read contract & agrees that they understand & phone orders maybe monitored or recorded to all terms in contract text above. x____________

I have read and understand and agree to each and every term on this contract.  X_____________________________X_______________________

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