Welcome to Orange County White Dove Release about page. Not all white dove release services are created equally. We have found that most  advertising on Yelp as well as Google are unprofessional services that do not even own birds they find them in places like craigslist and swap meets. These are the wrong individuals to hire. Why you ask? The birds they bring to your event are of the lowest grade & quality. In many cases the wrong type of birds that can not fly away to safety or are to old, sick or even spray painted to be white in color and land all over your guests ruining your wedding. These shady unlicensed false pigeon traders are great talkers. They also use photos & videos of other companies misleading you on there web page misrepresenting the service they really do. The prices are cheaper than ours they. Many have very bad criminal records and should be avoided. They will have no business with any real address for the white dove business they advertise on Yelp ,Google ,Yahoo! & other sites.  They have no Southern California White Dove business license listed in Los Angeles or anywhere else you will find online. Your lucky if they even show up on time to your event. So if your looking for a cheap homeless looking bum that smells and dresses poorly, missing teeth & shows up late. Other white dove services might be a fit for you. No Dvd or Cd recording service at all by OCdoves we do send complimentary video link(s) of some of our services that is by way of Facebook to person(s) that agree to our contract terms by signing contract  If your looking for a beautiful once in a lifetime experience that your guests and you well love here is your opportunity to do it right with: A person who's hobby is kind to all animals: Orange County White Dove Release

OCdoves.com Newport Coast White Dove Release is the #1 white dove release service company in California


Orange County White Dove Release

Other cheap dove service competitors use old pigeon cages like this below or worse. At your wedding they cover over the cage with a white sheet  but it still looks awful.

The Other Dove Companies

OCdoves.com is a niche event service they are the only service that offers a personalized services that combines white doves with photography as well as video filming making you a highlight short film of your beautiful wedding ceremony.  

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Other cheap companies are a joke

Ours Fly Away


     Our Exclusive To Us Only Custom White Dove Creates  For Your Event.

Newport Coast White Dove Release Is Voted #1 In Dove Release Presentation.

Orange County White Dove Release is of the utmost trustworthy and reliable services in the wedding event industry. OCdoves.com has performed over four thousand successful event ceremonies form Hollywood elite to the girl next door and all cultures from around the world.


Our birds are all white

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Note: No Dvd or Cd services offered by OCdoves is customer(s) full responsibility not OCdoves.

 Did you know free electronic photos of your wedding or event are available when you have a paid order of white doves on certain days. Check our policy page for more info.

Other guys use mix colored birds

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